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So you’ve probably heard of Pantone. It’s the color language that helps people in the design world talk about and use color in a consistent way. And each year, Pantone announces a “Color of the Year” that shows up all over our social feeds and in those design mags we love to drool over. What I recently learned is that the color is not only selected for its aesthetic qualities: Pantone also selects a specific color that they believe encapsulates the mood and societal climate of the time. This year, in 2024, the Color of the Year is Peach Fuzz. And it’s not because it’s expected to be a good year for the peach harvest.  

what does peach fuzz symbolize

Peach Fuzz can be described as a soft and inviting shade, between pink and orange.  When announcing the Color of the Year, Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman of the Pantone Color Institute stated that they chose “A hue that echoes our yearning for closeness and connection.” WOW. Have our digital habits and post-pandemic tendencies to isolate really made its way to the design world in this way? They sure have.

a loneliness epidemic

This week I came across a startling fact. Americans are spending more time ALONE than ever before in history. We are immersed in solitary activities. As more people acquired a smartphone, they realized how easy it was to retreat to our personal digital worlds to browse the internet, scroll through social media feeds, and stream content on-demand. And as a result, individuals are choosing to spend more time alone than with others.   Last year, Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy issued a formal health advisory regarding the importance of social connection and its impact on individual and community well-being. It highlighted the adverse effects of loneliness on mental, emotional, and physical health, emphasizing that it can be as detrimental to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.  His advisory went on to share that social connection is not only beneficial for individual health, but also for the resiliency of organizations, schools and communities.  

how can we better connect

Several public health experts, including Dr. Iditi Neururkar (Harvard stress expert) have encouraged us to make some fundamental changes in the way we live and work to help battle this tendency to isolate. Recommendations include improving your relationship with your smart phone, getting involved in groups with like-minded individuals, and being sure to schedule time with friends and family. All things that I discuss in my workshops, and the things that help us to ultimately feel more supported when encountering the stressors of life.  

In a world where loneliness becomes more problematic, the announcement of Peach Fuzz as the Pantone Color of the Year is reminder of where we are in 2024. While it’s tempting to believe that redecorating our homes in a new color scheme will somehow remedy the loneliness epidemic, the truth is far simpler: investing in relationships is the true antidote. So, while you may not need to rush out and repaint your walls, perhaps it’s time to pick up the phone, make that dinner date, and attend that meeting… in person. After all, the Color of the Year will be different next year, but the power of human connection will remain.

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Hi, I'm Ally.
Executive coach,
speaker, trainer and mindset shifter

Observing the declining state of mental health in a world of non-stop news, work-life overlap and distractions galore, Ally became committed to learning and sharing simple strategies, based on the research in the field of Positive Psychology, to help individuals and teams thrive.

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