The many benefits

When we work together to promote a better quality of life for others in our community, both the community as a whole benefits, as well as the individuals serving.


Community involvement plays a critical role in optimizing well-being. It enables us to be a part of something larger than ourselves.

It allows us to use our skills in the service of others. And, the social connections we make with like-minded people bring resilience to both ourselves and the communities we serve.  My community has always been an integral part of my life. Here’s a tiny peek into my community involvement over these last years.

NOT SHOWN: All of the amazing ways that my community has enriched every domain of my life.

Helping ALL to strengthen their minds and bodies

In my roles as both a coach and board member of the SRYMCA, I understand that we all need strong bodies AND minds to live our longest and most fulfilled lives. From the many activities available for youth development, to the variety of programs that keep seniors healthy and active (and everything in between), the SRYMCA tirelessly works to live out its mission, enabling all to strengthen their minds, bodies and spirits.

Our leadership and fundraising efforts make it possible for ALL in our community to take advantage of the many wellness opportunities available at the Y, REGARDLESS of their ability to pay.




At the start of the pandemic, I teamed up with several local businesses to launch The Scoop Saratoga.

The Scoop was a blog and collection of stories about food, style, life and the people and small businesses of Saratoga Springs.

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