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This week, I poured myself a cup of KRU coffee and casually shared six things that helped me survive such a crazy year. This one’s a couple minutes longer than usual because… let’s face it, I needed a lot of help. I hope you find some nuggets of gold in both this post as well as this difficult time (which may stick around for a bit). Here’s the (my) SCOOP!

  1. EVERYTHING IS FIGUREOUTABLE by Marie Forleo. I read this book in early January 2020, and it immediately motivated me to set some long-term goals, push aside any excuses and start executing. Soon after the “execution” began, the world came to a grinding halt. There was NO better philosophy to help get me through the pivots that were about to come. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to turn their dreams into reality.
  2. GOOGLE AND YOU TUBE. There are so many things I don’t know, especially when it comes to technology. If I had a dollar for every time I typed “What is a….” and “How do you …” into a search bar, I’d be rich. We are so lucky to have so much information at our fingertips, and information that we don’t have to pay for.
  3. REPLACING NEWS WITH PODCASTS. A little news gets you informed. A lotta news gets you anxious. After a month of the constant covid “numbers” reporting, I had to take a break. Since then, I’ve replaced most of my news-watching with podcast-listening. I focus on podcasts that give me a dose of positivity, motivation, or help teach me something relevant to my business goals. My favorites include:
    • The Brendon Show with Brendan Burchard
    • Marketing that Converts with Teresa Heath-Wareing
    • Feel Better Live More with Dr. Rangan Chatterjee
    • Lead to Win with Megan Hyatt Miller and Michael Hyatt
  4. MY FULL-FOCUS PLANNER. This easy-to-use planner system (by the Hyatt company, above) keeps my goals in front of me each and every day. It helps to break down my annual goals into daily, bite-sized tasks, which was so helpful to me. Especially during quarantine, when trying to stay goal-oriented while parenting the four monsters.
  5. ASKING FOR AND ACCEPTING HELP. Because I wasn’t always comfortable in 2020 having a sitter to the home, we had limited options in terms of getting help when I needed to work. My husband was amazing in rearranging his schedule when I needed his support at home. In addition, my preschool son’s school, Saratoga Independent School, was amazingly supportive during this past year (and continues to be) . Their flexible days and after-care program make it a great option for working parents.
  6. ROUTINE OUTDOOR EXERCISE. Getting outdoors for a decent jog, about five times a week, was the perfect break from the chaos going on outside in the world, and inside a home where 5 others were quarantining. Nature is good for the soul, and still is.

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2021, no matter what is about to come our way. Perhaps one of these little things that have been so incredibly helpful to me, will help bring some peace into your lives, too, in this new year.

XOXO, Ally

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Hi, I'm Ally.
Executive coach,
speaker, trainer and mindset shifter

Observing the declining state of mental health in a world of non-stop news, work-life overlap and distractions galore, Ally became committed to learning and sharing simple strategies, based on the research in the field of Positive Psychology, to help individuals and teams thrive.

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Ally Meyers is a certified executive coach  and speaker with workshops that translate the science of happiness into strategies to manage stress and increase resilience, productivity and well-being.


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