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This week, we SCOOPED with Jamie Mastrioanni of iRun LOCAL, the local running store here in Saratoga Springs, NY. Jamie shared with us the fact that so many people are walking and running outdoors and taking advantage of the fresh air as much as possible during the pandemic. She’s also noticed that these people who are continuing their outdoor fitness routine or are starting new ones are simply in the wrong footwear. Jamie shared the five most common mistakes she sees people make when choosing their athletic shoes.

  1. THEY CHOOSE THE WRONG SIZE. People assume that their athletic shoes should be the same size as their dress shoes and boots. This is not the case. Also, different models of athletic shoes within the same brand can fluctuate in size. At iRun Local, you’re fit every time to assure you’re getting the best fit.
  2. THEY CHOOSE THE WRONG WIDTH. After 45 minutes of exercise, your foot can swell up to a half of size. It’s important you choose the correct width to accommodate this.
  3. THEY WEAR THEM FOR TOO LONG. Jamie recommends changing your footwear every 300-450 miles. The shoe may still look perfect, even though the foam has started breaking down, potentially causing discomfort or injury.
  4. THEY CHOOSE THE WRONG TYPE OF SHOE FOR THEIR RUNNING STYLE. At iRun Local, they watch you walk and run to determine if you overpronate, which ultimately determines if you need a “neutral” or “stability” shoe.
  5. THEY SETTLE WHEN THEY JUST DON’T FEEL RIGHT. Your footwear should be the last thing you think about when you work out. iRun Local will stand behind you through the life of your shoes to make sure they are right.

iRun Local provides gear, equipment, and footwear for new and experienced runners of Saratoga Springs, NY and beyond. iRun Local is dedicated to assisting people of ALL athletic abilities to meet their fitness goals and connect with their local community through the love of running. For more information about the store, visit http://irunlocal.com .

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Hi, I'm Ally.
Executive coach,
speaker, trainer and mindset shifter

Observing the declining state of mental health in a world of non-stop news, work-life overlap and distractions galore, Ally became committed to learning and sharing simple strategies, based on the research in the field of Positive Psychology, to help individuals and teams thrive.

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